The A. P. Taylor Trust — Purpose of the Trust

Foundation of the Trust

The A. P. Taylor Trust was founded, before the High Court of Justice, on July 16th, 1969 from the Estate of the late Albert Palmer Taylor. It was registered as a charity on July 2nd, 1970, number 260741.

Purpose of the Trust

The annual income of the A. P. Taylor Trust is used for the inhabitants of the Parishes of Hayes and Harlington (as they existed on January 9th, 1952), without distinction of political, religious or other opinion, for meetings, lectures and classes and other forms of recreational and leisure time occupation, with the aim of improving their conditions of life.

How to Apply for a Grant from the Trust

The Trustees review all grant applications made to the Trust, subject to the application being correctly made. The audited accounts of an association should be enclosed with the application form. If unable to make this provision, the applicant must enclose a statement, signed by a recognised member of the local community, to verify the details provided.